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Beautiful gaming laptop for professionals. This is the perfect laptop for game designers, graphic designers, web designers or Music professionals.and anyone that needs processing power and graphic power. Add to that the fact that Office Pro 2010 and CSS5.5 Premium, and pro tools 10 are included and you have a powerhouse that is ready for everything you can ask of a laptop. It is a perfect size for professionals at 17 inches. So you can see 2 things going on at the same time without hurting your eyes.

As far as games it handles games with ease with the built in ati graphics card, I ran diablo 3 with all graphics maxed out. And the the same thing with Skyrim and Star Wars the old republic and black ops 2, and battlfield 3 premium as well. Games are not included

Some system specs

Windows 7 professional factory installed.
AMD A6 quad core 2.4 ghz each not over clocked never needed to.
640 g hard drive
Blue Ray player Dvd writer.
6 g of ddr3 ram expandable to 16 or 32 I forget
Graphics card.
Bluetooth and wireless N

As far as partial trades I might take.
What am I looking for xbox 1, PS4 and games mac book pro, Ipad, Guitars, Iphone 5, galaxy s3 or 4, foid items (I have card), nice jewelry, motor, cycles collectable gold coins, vehicles, shoot me an offer I might like what you have and the worst I can say is no, but I don't want junk.

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