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Neck stamped
June 16, 1992

SE910XXX serial number which they manufactured Between 1992 and early 1994 being the 1st run.

This guitar is at a collectors grade. Plastic is still on the pickguard, reverse tremolo slot, buffing compound in the cavities and the plastic is still on the Hardcase latches.

No dings, scuffs or nicks. I even have the original Fender pick form, dated February 1992.

Far and few in between, this is a 1st year edition Fender Stratocaster Stevie Ray Vaughn, which are more sought after than any of the subsequent years.

These early SRV'S are great players. Beautiful and rare made from the very best choice woods and electronics, hand built by the now infamous artisans John Cruz and J. Uribe master builders. I have pictures of the neck, signed by both luthiers.

A great playing guitar for the discerning collector, player and enthusiast destine to continue to appreciate in value.

These guitars just play differently

than the later model SRV'S which by comparison are not crafted to the earlier specifications.

As time went on as happens with most things, corners get cut, production costs increase and ultimately this impacts on the product.

The 1st editions were all hand done by fenders best craftsman.

This is the real deal here with ton's of tone to spare, comes with all the case candy you see.

This guitar is for the serious player and collector guranteeed to increase in value.

A SRV in this condition is certainly a rare find.

The secret is out, the 1992 srv's are great players with a great neck profile.

Get it while you can. comes with original tweed OHSC, original order form, Fender strap and

all the case candy.

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